What to Expect at the Day of Closing

At the closing, the parties involved will meet at a designated location and hold a meeting that certifies all the necessary steps have been taken for a complete and satisfactory deal. These steps include:

  • Getting contingencies squared away
  • Completing a title search & verifying that the title is cleared for proper transfer
  • Getting final mortgage approval
  • Doing a final walk-through / hiring a home inspector to evaluate the home
  • Getting all of the closing costs distributed to the appropriate parties

Once it is evident that the buyer will receive clear title to the property and that the seller will be paid for the property they are selling, both parties can sign the deed. Lots of important documents will need to be signed, and it is essential that they are carefully reviewed.

Your New Home National Title Agent will provide clarification for any questions you may have concerning these documents as well. Once this is done, the closing is complete!

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